» Speaking at OSCON 2009 #

Paul R. Brown @ 2009-05-28

speaking @OSCON With Dan Diephouse, I'll be speaking at OSCON on July 23.

Taking the abstract literally, the talk looks like it is about building a Twitter clone with open source components, but it is not at all intended to be armchair quarterbacking about Twitter's early problems with availability. (We should all have these problems!) Rather, the talk is intended to be about some of the current crop of interesting open source distributed storage technologies — Cassandra, Voldemort, Redis (where the folks have already done some thinking about Twitter-like apps), CouchDB, HBase, Dynomite — as well as how to attack some of the operational problems (e.g., deployment, instrumentation, application updates) that come with using new tools in multi-node environments.

That's obviously quite a bit to fit into a relatively short speaking slot, but Dan and I plan to blog or otherwise publish material that won't fit.


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