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Paul R. Brown @ 2008-10-28

Kid #1 has done a few interesting things lately.

After having trouble with waking up very upset and not able to explain herself on and off for the past several months, she's talked to me about a couple of her dreams:

I had been thinking about getting a copy of The Phantom Tollbooth to read with her as a first bedtime story with a relatively small number of pictures (and because she'd appreciate the humor in it), but I don't want to inject any more surrealism into her three-year-old mind.

The other interesting thing is that she's apparently learning to read. I was doing some online banking, and she wandered over and asked me "Why does it say 'bank' up there?"; when I asked where, she pointed to the word "bank". This is not entirely surprising, since we play phonetic games at the dinner table and read to her (by her request) morning and night, but I wasn't expecting it to start happening. The downside is that the wife and I will have to come up with ways to obfuscate our conversations that don't involve spelling words.


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