» Random Idea: Cellphone Booth #

Paul R. Brown @ 2008-01-03

My first startup's offices were in a classic Chicago loft with minimal build-out, and by minimal I mean that no wall went more than half-way to the fifteen-foot ceilings. It was a great arrangement in many ways (see, e.g., Dick Costolo on the subject), but it was challenging in situations where privacy was necessary, like hiring or compensation discussions, sales calls (when you don't necessarily want your potential customer listening to a heated foosball match), or Board business. There have been many times when I needed or wanted to take a private call while in a public space or on-site visiting a customer.

Cellular Phone Booth And this brings me to the idea of a cellphone booth. Why not have low-tech (in fact, no-tech) booths for cellphone users that can be dropped into airports, building lobbies, cafes, and offices like a "portapotty" on a construction site? It probably isn't that expensive to construct a booth (plywood, some acoustical foam), and the obvious twist is to brand it and place print advertising on the inside and outside to create a revenue stream. I can't claim that the idea is original, as I used a cellphone booth in the United lounge in Copenhagen once upon a time, but I haven't seen one anywhere else. (Also, a similar idea was suggested back in the 1960s...)


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