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Paul R. Brown @ 2009-09-23

Ben Black, one of the organizers of no:sql(east). conference, tweeted, and I twote:

my current vote for renaming #nosql is #altdb. what are your ideas?

Chris Williams, another no:sql(east). organizer, has had similar sentiments, but what really needs to happen is for people to stop using the "NoSQL" term. I originally proposed "dbng" for next-generation database (and with an intended allusion to RELAX NG), but I'm warming up to Ben Black's suggestion of "altdb" for the hint of Usenet alt.* if nothing else.

I propose a new movement called the NoNoSQL movement. It is a movement for those interested in alternative and next-generation databases but not in the inaccurate "NoSQL" neologism.

Seems like some cool altdb schwag (t-shirts, mugs, etc.) is in order — "Not your daddy's database." or "Joiners need not apply." or...


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