» Moved Yet Again #

Paul R. Brown @ 2011-11-20

I had been meaning to move this blog outside of the mult.ifario.us domain for a while. I initially thought about getting perpubplat updated to take account for newer versions of GHC and Twitter’s switch to OAuth for API access and del.icio.us being deprecated (in favor of Pinboard) and maybe Akismet integration and…, but that’s a good bit of work for a project that is truly just for fun.

Instead, partially as an experiment for getting FasterXML content moved into Github pages and partially because the push-to-publish workflow is appealing, I decided to give Jekyll via Github pages a go as a replacement for perpubplat. It turns out that perpubplat’s post metadata is close enough to Jekyll’s YAML front matter that it’s easy (~50 total lines of Scala) to write a quick conversion. Permalinks that don’t end in an unsightly .html, comments past and future, and tag-based navigation and feeds are all casualties of the conversion, and I’m OK with that. (I’ve come around to the idea that your comment is your content, and if it’s important enough, you can publish it somewhere else yourself.)


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