» Fantastic Contraption and Job Interviews #

Paul R. Brown @ 2008-08-25

I like Fantastic Contraption because solving the puzzles requires a fundamental type of cleverness, intuition, and experimentalism.

contraption to roll a ball contraption to climb a shaft

Something like Fantastic Contraption — but not Fantastic Contraption because everyone and their dog has played it at this point — would make an interesting adjunct to the traditional battery of questions in engineering interviews. (Yes, I saw Last Starfighter once upon a time. No, not in the theater.) The usual questions about data structures, algorithms, tools/practices, and design do a reasonable job of filtering candidates, but it can be like chewing a mouthful of saltine crackers for the interviewers after the Nth time through. A game might make it a bit more fun for folks on both sides of the table.


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