» Darcs Repository for Perpubplat #

Paul R. Brown @ 2008-01-04

I succumbed to some mild peer pressure, posted a Darcs repository, cleaned-up the Cabal files for perpubplat, and fixed a few minor bugs. If you have darcs installed, you can pull down a copy of the source code — a grand total of less than 1500 lines according to SLOCCount — with:

darcs get http://datapr0n.com/repos/perpubplat

You can also browse the repository at the same URL, but Apache will serve those files to you as text/x-haskell, i.e., your browser probably won't display them as plain text in the browser. The Darcs-maintained revision history is here.

The README file contains instructions on building, but if you've already got GHC 6.8.2 and FastCGI libraries installed, it's as easy as:

$ cd perpubplat
$ cd perpubplat
$ chmod +x Setup.lhs
$ ./Setup.lhs configure && ./Setup.lhs build && sudo ./Setup.lhs install
$ cd ../perpubplat_servlet
$ ./Setup.lhs configure && ./Setup.lhs build

The FastCGI handler is dist/build/perpubplat.fcgi/perpubplat.fcgi.


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